Perfect your Ableton workflow!

Make Ableton Live adapt to they way you work and not the other way around! Use our Max for Live patches and more to tweak and extend your creative workflow!

Simpler-Tools: Drum Rack Control

Fast and detailed control of each individual sound in your Drum Rack

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Simpler-Tools: Slice Control

A fast and effective Slicing and Sampling workflow with any MIDI-Controller or the mouse

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Simpler-Tools: Slices to Notes

A creative and fun way to work with sliced loops in the new Simpler

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Simpler-Tools: Auto Slicer

Cut your loops automatically in equally sized slices

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Simpler-Tools: Pad Slicing Mode

Get the same awesome Pad Slicing Mode from Push 2 on any Midi-Controller (and computer keyboard)

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Multi Clip View

See and control multiple clips simultaneously in Ableton Live like Playback position, ID3 Tags (Title, Artist, BPM, Key) and more

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Already Played

Keep track of which clips you have already played even after several hours of DJing (and drinks)

Search Clip Name

Search and find any clip by it's name in seconds even in huge sets of more than 1000+ clips with…

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