About Us

How we see the Ableton World

Ableton Live is a really beautiful piece of software that provides tons of versatile tools that can be combined in different way to cater for a broad range of passionate musicians from bedroom producers to famous artists performing on stage.

Live is so versatile that we even see it being used beyond it’s initial purpose: For DJing, Podcasting, in churches and even run the music for big TV shows like American Idol. These user segments are using Live because it solves their problem better than other solutions out there (if there are any), even if it means that they have to adapt their workflow to a big extend to fit it to the way Ableton Live works. Because they are not the main user segment Ableton focuses on, there is only little chance that Ableton is extended in a way that would specifically cater for their needs.

That’s where we come in…

Our Vision: Adapt Ableton Live to your workflow, not your workflow to Live!

The introduction of Max for Live with Live 8 brought the full feature set of Cycling74’s Max/MSP/Jitter into Ableton and it was suddenly possible for everybody to create their own Synths, Audio- and Midi-Effects.

However, what we think is the real game-changer is that it also suddenly became possible to adapt and extend the behavior of Ableton by addressing the Live API through Max-for-Live. The needs of those user segments that are not the main focus of Ableton have suddenly a tool to extend and adapt Live to their workflow, and don’t need to adapt their workflow to how Live is working.

Since not everybody is a Max for Live developer, our vision is to provide tools for these kind of user segments. Our current focus (which we like to extend in the future) is:

  • DJs
  • (Game) Audio Designers

If you like to propose to extend our focus to another user segment, please get in touch with us through the Contact form.

Our Approach: Co-Development with our customers

Simple is beautiful: Our concept is to build small and reliable one-purpose patches that we release as soon as core-functionality is working and tested in the hope that it addresses one of your core problems and we can convince you to support our development efforts by purchasing the patch. Once you have bought and used the patch, we are very interested in hearing how it solved your problem and how it didn’t so that we can slowly evolve the functionality of the patch to something that truly solve your problem.