Search Clip Name

The Missing Basic Search Functionality

Does your Ableton Live Session┬áconsist of several hundred clips and you wondered why there is no functionality to search for a specific clip by it’s name?

The Max for Live patch “Search Clip Name” provides this missing basic search functionality in Live. Find any clip in seconds even if your set contains 1000+ clips in several tracks.


Key Features

  • Works very fast and reliable even in very large sets with more than 1000+ clips by indexing and caching all clip names only once in the beginning
  • Floating Window with big letters and good contrast to make searching easy even in dark club settings
  • See how many clips contain your search term and jump quickly between the results, which makes it perfect if your clips have meta-information encoded:
    • Artist Name
    • BPM
    • Genre
    • Mixed in Key tags
    • etc.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Live 9.1 or higher
  • Ableton Suite or separate Max-for-Live license
  • Max 6.1.6 or higher


How well does the patch perform with a large set?

Below is a performance test video with a set of 2000 clips performed on a standard laptop (Win7, Core i5):

  • Initial indexing takes around 7 seconds (GUI freezes during this time, so re-indexing should not be triggered during a performance, although it will not have an impact on Audio-Output)
  • The actual search is almost instant even with 2000 clips

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